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ALT.com Review 2021

ALT.com Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 24-27
Profiles 1.500.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The quantity of participants is impressive. Thus, you can select from thousands of participants. The more choice options you will have, the quicker you will find your perfect partner.
  • ALT.com search option functions perfectly, giving the opportunity to get a perfect match for your entertainment.
  • Your profile is highly protected. You can configure what will be available for other participants for viewing. You can also hide the activity on your activity feed.
  • Free membership is available (though, the options within free membership are limited).
  • Limited options within the free subscription.
  • The interface is overwhelmed with functions.
  • According to the ALT.com review, there are a lot of sham profiles. Carefully study the data and the photo of the participant you are going to get in touch with. This will help to avoid fraudulence.

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Are you seeking for a more perverse site of acquaintances? According to ALT.com review, this is a dating resource that unites the fans of BDSM, dominatrix and submissives to make them enjoy sex without obligations and erotic fun. As ALT.com review shows the most of the users of this platform are from the USA though other countries are also active in using this resource.

As the ALT.com review shows, this resource works just like a normal site of acquaintances — you will have to enroll to be able to contact people and examine profiles. You obtain a few previews, but if you’re serious about meeting people for kinky sex, this is probably one of the safest ways to do this. At least it’s safer than just meet random people in chat rooms.

If you click the “Overview” button, you will see a roster of countries and states. For example, there are more than 140,000 people from Germany who use the facilities of the resource! But still, the number of users from the USA is prevailing.

If you want to continue exploring the resource, you will need to register. The platform proffers free and paid subscriptions. To gain unimpeded access to the platform’s possibilities, it’s better to acquire a paid abonement.

What is the ALT.com platform?

ALT.com Review 2020: popular dating congregation for those who prefer alternative sex

ALT.com is a popular dating congregation for those who prefer alternative sex entertainment such as BDSM — an erotic roleplaying that includes bondage, submission, sadomasochism, fetish sex, and others. ALT. com congregation gives you enormous opportunities for enjoying BDSM plays. Its participants are from around the world. The site has more than 2million of active members from the USA only. There are also a lot of participants from Canada, the UK, and Australia. ALT.com hookup platform is for single people, swingers and partners who prefer different kinds of alternative sexual entertainments. There are a lot of profiles of dominatrixes and submissives, mistresses, and fans of kinky sex adventures on the site.

Is ALT.com legitimate or scam?

ALT.com Review 2020: popular dating congregation for those who prefer alternative sex

Yes, the company is legit. All information about the company is specified on the platform’s main page — the company’s address, e-mail, and phone numbers. The company is being provided its services for 20 years. This shows that the company is quite reliable. It has an enormous database of participants’ profiles. If you prefer BDSM entertainment is for you. The resource proffers both free and paid membership. The set of options within free membership is minimal while paid membership allows savoring the platform’s possibilities in full. That’s why it’s recommended to acquire a paid membership to savor the site’s options without restrictions. Of course, there are sham accounts among the users of services. Carefully study the person’s profile information before you start communicating with him or her. This minimizes the possibilities of fraud.

Quantity of participants and search parameters

ALT.com possesses thousands of profiles of users who are interested in bondage role-playing. The site’s users are people from all over the world. However, some profiles are fake; that’s why study carefully the pages of the users before you get in touch with them. This will help to reduce the possibility to meet a scammer on the site. There several ways to monitor users. You can apply the ALT.com numerous galleries, for example. Here you can meet new members, hot members, or members nearby. You can also apply the search option to find the users who will meet your criteria. A basic search will help you to search the users in accordance with age, location or sexual preferences. Advanced search provides you with the opportunity to search your perfect partner taking into account your detailed description.

Sexual preferences

People united by the ALT.com congregation are fans of kinky sex entertainments — Bondage things, Role-Playing, and other kinky sex things. Your sexual preferences are not important. You can find a lot of people with different sexual orientation on this website. Apply the search option and find a person that meets your sexual preferences. One of the main conditions is to be a fan of BDSM entertainment.

The users’ average age

The site has a lot of members, mostly from the USA, Canada, and the UK. According to ALT.com review the number of male members is prevailing on the site. More than 50 percent of the site’s users are men. Most of the participants of the resource are people of 25-34, though the participants of other age range also frequently use the services of this platform. Don’t forget that you must be of legal age to use the services of the dating platforms.

The procedure of registration & Login Info

ALT.com Review 2020: popular dating congregation for those who prefer alternative sex

The registration procedure is simple and won’t take much of your time. Actually, you will have to spend only five minutes to register on the site. You will have to specify your personal info to become a registered user. The whole procedure consists of 5 simple steps.

  • Go to the ALT.com main page and find a register button there. Click on it to initiate the process of registration.
  • Specify whether you are a guy, girl, pair or group. This information is needed to simplify the search process. The more accurate search criteria you will specify, the quicker you will find your perfect partner.
  • Provide your personal details such as your sexual preferences, body type, family status, nationality and so on. This information will help other users to understand whether you meet their search criteria.
  • During the signing up process, you will be asked to compose a description about your personality.
  • You will also have to specify such info as the date of your birth and location; you will need to invent a user name and a strong password.

Pay attention that the information you provide will be scrutinized. Your e-mail will be checked and only after that, you will be able to skip to your profile page. Provide only valid data to avoid any problems with your profile log in.

Profile details

Being a participant of the ALT.com collectivity, you can redact and add new data to your profile. You can also decide how much information you want to add; you can redact the profile’s data any time you want. The more detailed information your profile contains, the more chances you will have to meet the ideal partner who will satisfy all your sexual demands. Most of the profiles contain very detailed data. The participant can indicate his or her role in BDSM plays, whether he or she is experienced or a beginner. All this can help you to understand what person you are going to communicate with. Pay attention that to monitor other users’ profiles you need to acquire Silver or Gold premium abonnement. Premium abonnement entails payment. The price is quite affordable. So, if one of the participants is of special interest to you and you intend to get more details about him or her, you will have to change your ALT.com membership from Standard to Premium.


ALT.com messaging system is very functional. You can receive instant e-letters from other participants of the ALT.com platform. Moreover, you can configure the auto-reply for your convenient communication. It is also possible to block the users who irritate you. You can get the notifications when someone has read your e-letter. Applying Member Center Filter you will be able to deny the messages from participants who do not correspond your search demands. It’s worth noting that uses a points system where users can flirt with each other by sending the “Flowers”. So, as you can see, the company has created a convenient system of communication.

How does the platform work?

ALT.com Review 2020: popular dating congregation for those who prefer alternative sex

To start using the services of the ALT.com platform, you need to register first. The registration is simple and doesn’t require much time. You need to provide your e-mail address and answer the questions concerning your sexual preferences, your gender, the person you are looking for and others. You will also need to invent a strong password and a user name. Once registration is finished, you need to decide what membership to use. ALT.com offers its clients free (Standard) and paid (Premium) types of memberships. The set of options within free membership is limited. You can’t reply to the messages of other users; this means that your free membership will be useless. To use the site’s options in full, you will have to acquire a paid membership. Paid membership offers you an advanced set of options.

Desktop version

If you prefer the comfort of your house, it’s better to use the desktop version of the website. All you need is a PC or laptop with a good internet connection. Apply your favorite browser find the site on the internet. Using your user name and password, skip to your profile page and start using the services of the ALT.com community.

Mobile App

Unfortunately, the ALT.com mobile app is not available for the users. But, if you are fond of online dating on the go, there is a way out of the situation. Apply mobile version of the site if you want to use the services of ALT.com and you don’t want to be dependent on your location. To use ALT.com mobile you will have to apply your mobile device with a stable internet connection. Open the site’s homepage using your favorite browser and skip to your ALT.com profile.

The site’s Design and Usability

According to theALT.com review, the design of the site is simple and unpretentious. Only three colors are being used. The site’s background is black while fonts are white and yellow. In addition to an unsightly dark background, the site’s page look overwhelmed. Not all information is divided according to sections and there are a lot of pop-up images. The fonts are well-chosen; the letters are average and it’s easy to read what is written on the ALT.com site. The font colors are bright and it makes the site’s design look pleasant, in general.

Is it difficult to navigate the site?

The navigation on the site is simple and doesn’t require special skills. You don’t have to be a high tech person to navigate the ALT.com site. Even if you are a new user, it will be easy for you to understand how the site functions.

How much do the ALT.com services cost?

ALT.com Review 2020: popular dating congregation for those who prefer alternative sex

ALT.com offers its clients two types of memberships – Standard and Premium. Standard membership implies free options. The set of free options is limited. You can only create a profile and use a search option (but not in full). If you want to savor the options of the site in full, you will have to pay. According to ALT.com review, the 3 months subscription (Silver service) will cost you nearly $43 (approximately $14 per one month). You can also acquire 12 months of Silver service subscription. It will cost you less – nearly $117 (about $10 per month). 3 months of Gold ALT.com service will cost you approximately $71 (about $18 per one month; a one-month subscription is given for free). If you want to save, acquire a 12 months subscription. It will cost you about $176 (nearly $10 per month; two months of subscription are given for free)

As it was mentioned before, the ALT.com offers its clients Standard and Premium memberships. Standard membership implies that you use some of the site’s options for free. Free membership is good when you want to see how the site functions. It has a rather limited set of options and you can’t get full-fledged communication with the other users of ALT.com when using a free membership. If you want to use the services of the site in full, it’s better to acquire a paid membership. Acquiring a Premium subscription, you will be able to send and receive messages, flirt with other participants of the site and use a lot of other options. The ALT.com prices are quite moderate, so it’s better to acquire a Premium subscription at once.

How to pay for services

First of all, you can make an online purchase of a premium subscription using your bank card. Another way to pay for the services is to send a check or a money transfer via the mail on the specified address. Find the address on the site. You will also have to fill out the Mail in Order Form. Find the Fax/Mail option on the site of the company. Choose the membership you want to acquire; choose “Check/Money Order (Mail in)” under payment options. Click the “Print” button to print out the form and attach it with your payment before sending it. You can also make payments using your PayPal. Remember that you will have to pay additional fees when using PayPal services. ALT.com provides a possibility to pay via online check. Select the “Online Check” option and fill out the form. Click on the “Click to Upgrade” to complete your payment procedure.

What payment systems are obtainable?

There are a lot of methods you can choose from to pay for your ALT.com services. Choose the most convenient method for you, pay, and start enjoying all the possibilities of the ALT.com site. ALT.com accepts checks, money orders, Visa, Mastercard, all credit cards via online, mail or fax payments, and SMS payments.

Safety & Data Protection

ALT.com Review 2020: popular dating congregation for those who prefer alternative sex

ALT.com adheres to all Privacy Policy regulations. Clients’ confidentiality is the main priority of the company. ALT.com reacts quickly when it comes to users’ harassment, spam, age and so on. If you want to get additional information, go to the ALT.com Privacy Policy page. It contains information about the parties’ obligations concerning safety and private data protection. Moreover, the site provides its clients with 24/7 customer support. You can contact the customer support team members by calling them. If you have any questions concerning your safety, don’t feel shy to contact the customer support service.

Is scamming possible on the site?

As it was mentioned before, the site has millions of profiles. Some of them are fake. Though the site tries its best to verify the identity of the users, it’s not always possible to do it. How does the process of verification work? The user uploads his or her photo on the company’s server, and the site initiates the verification process. They check your photo and personal information you’ve specified to make sure that all the data you’ve indicated is correct. In this way, the site tries to reduce the number of fake profiles and scammers who hide under false names and provide fake photos on their profiles. Not to become a victim of the scammer, carefully read all the information on the person’s profile and study his or her photos.

What Special Features are available?

There are some special features provided by ALT.com online that will add more entertainment when using the dating services of this platform.

  • Let’s start with the Hot or Not option

This option implies that viewing the photos of other participants, you will have to decide whether he or she is hot or not.

  • Astrological Combinability

If you are fond of astrology, this option is right for you. Applying this option, you can find your perfect match in accordance with zodiac combinability, Chinese zodiac compatibility, and your sexual biorhythm diagram.

  • Hotlist

You can add the users you are interested in your hotlist.

  • Testimonials

Other members can describe the desirable qualities on your profile. You can also write the desirable qualities of other participants on their profiles.

  • Blings

Blinks are small symbols you can create to make your profile look more interesting. You can also use the ready-made blings on the site.

  • My Kinks

Customize your kinks and search for the other users with the same kinks.

Let’s sum it up!

ALT.com Review 2020: popular dating congregation for those who prefer alternative sex

In General, ATL.com is a great site for those who love BDSM, sex dating and meeting locals who have the same naughty fetishes as you do. According to the ALT.com review, the website is user-friendly and comprises an enormous community of people who are always ready to chat and share naughty photos and videos with you. If you love BDSM fetish, you should definitely visit this website because it definitely has something that you will like.

According to ALT.com review, the platform offers its users free and paid membership. If you want to study how the site works, it’s better to use a free subscription. It won’t provide you with a lot of functions but it will give you a notion of how the platform functions.

The paid subscription will give you access to all the possibilities of the site. So, if you really want to find a partner for your kinky entertainment, it’s better to acquire a paid subscription. The prices are quite moderate but the advantages you will get are umpteen.

The mobile application is not provided but it’s still possible to use the mobile version of the website. Just use your favorite browser on any mobile device with a good internet connection and find the main page of the platform.

The platform is safe enough though there are fake profiles. This means that the possibility of scamming is not excluded. Read carefully the information about the user you are going to communicate with and study his or her photos. In general, the site tries its best to protect the personal data of its users. If you prefer BDSM entertainment, this site is what you need. So what are you waiting for? Discover the ALT.com for you – it’s free!

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