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AsianDate Review 2021

AsianDate Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 6%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 25-27
Profiles 345 218
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Offers several ways to connect with the members on the site;
  • Non-paying members can search for profiles;
  • With round the clock customer service support;
  • There is no membership required; prepaid credits are used as currency for other services.
  • Most of the features require credits;
  • There are more females than males;
  • The mobile app is available only for Android users.

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What Is AsianDate?

AsianDate is one of the niche online dating platforms that connects women of Asian background with men from all over the world, mostly from the West. This dating website promotes the site as a place where members can do live chat and sharing of video cam with each other.

Being an online dating website, it has its share of controversies. One of them was about the posting of photos that were alleged without their consent. It was settled by the company, and today AsianDate remains the top online dating site with thousands of profiles for Asian women.

This review will take a deep dive into what AsianDate is, the membership costs, and its features. Read it here to know more.

What Is AsianDate?

Is AsianDate Legit or a Scam?

The concept of online dating services is a phenomenon that has captured worldwide audiences. These websites and apps can bring happiness to their members, but it also has its dark side. As scammers have their nefarious ways to fool their victims and cause heartbreak emotionally and financially.

The first line of defense for the members is for the website from scammers is the way the website is vetting on the profiles of its members. For AsianDate, only the male members are required to sign up. With the obvious use of Photoshop on the profile photos of the females on this website, it is obvious that these female members have little control of their profiles.

Some of them are not even using their photos. So, it’s up for the male members to be on guard and practice safety measures suggested when using online dating platforms.

On the other hand, the site is also fair because it does not tie its members to a subscription fee. Instead, the members can use the features through prepaid credits. So, they have a choice of how and where they are going to spend their money. It also has transparency on the cost of each interaction.

Is AsianDate Legit or a Scam?

Profiles at AsianDate

The AsianDate website has about 1,600,000 members from the USA and with daily logins of about 4,000. That translates to popularity when you measure it against its competition in a similar niche. Most of the female members are of Asian background. The majority of them come from these countries: Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, and the Philippines. There are also members from other Asian countries, but they are only a few. Most of the males who sign up at the website are from the West, mostly from the US.

Gender Proportion

The gender distribution at AsianDate is said to be 75% females to 25% males. It’s not surprising since only males are required to create profiles. You cannot also see the profiles of male members, only the female profiles.

Profiles at AsianDate

Age Distribution

The majority of the female members are between the ages of 25 to 34 years old, while a slightly higher number of males are in the same age group. However, the ages of male and female members can range from 18 to 55+.

Signing Up at AsianDate

It does take more than ten minutes to sign up at AsianDate. You can use your Google account or fill in the form with your name, preferred password, gender, sexual orientation, and email. Once you have completed this, you have to click on the “Find Your Matches” button to continue your signing process.

Only men are allowed to register, but there is a choice “Women Seeking Men” for ladies. Once you have signed up, you are not directed to creating your profile right away. Instead, you will see a dashboard with several profiles of the women members with the following call-to-action buttons: “Start Live Chat” and “Start Cam Share.”

You will receive a message on top that tells you to complete your registration. The website will send you an email to confirm the information you have provided. Once you have completed this, you are officially a member.

Signing Up at AsianDate

Creating Your Profile

Unlike other online dating sites that encourage members to complete their profiles, it’s not the case here. It does not put too much weight on the quality of the profile in finding a match. Instead, once you sign up, you will instantly receive messages from women, without taking a look at your profile.

Males can still complete their profiles. The profile page will have few fields for information about the members’ interests, character, and appearance. There are also spaces for members to write a piece about themselves to make them more attractive. They can also write about their type of women on their profiles to give these women an idea of what they are looking for.

The profiles of the women on the site contain enough personal information, and their photo gallery is full. There are also videos that members can view with prepaid credits.


There are several ways to contact other members on AsianDate. You can send through email, live chat, and virtual gifts.

Getting in touch with the ladies and sending messages to them is free at the website for the first exchanges. But after that, you have to pay credits to keep on messaging them. The chat window is automatically blocked after this exchange and prompts you to purchase credits. You can also send a letter to the women on the dating site, and they will reply in return.

These girls can send letters for free, but you can read them only by paying credits. Most of these letters are introduction letters about themselves and their likes. The contents of these letters are mostly out of a standard template and seem to be fake. If you want to reply to them, it will cost you ten credits.

Another way to talk to these women is by an actual phone call. You have to make reservations for that and at a cost. It’s 100 credits, and it’s a three-way call with an interpreter.

AsianDate Messaging

The AsianDate Platforms Variety

Back in the days, people have no smartphones and laptops, and the only way to explore online dating websites is by logging in on your PC. So, it comes as no surprise that the courtship process was slower and took quite a while before any interaction happens.

The online dating process has evolved and has come a long way since then. Digital dating has changed the landscape, as it allows faster response to the people’s fast-changing needs. AsianDate clearly understood the need and responded.

Desktop Version

The desktop version of the AsianDate is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. You will see the menus at a glance, even those who are not tech-savvy can use it with few clicks. There is nothing new or extraordinary in its design. It seems a bit dated and old fashioned.

AsianDate Desktop Version

Mobile Application

The AsianDate app is available to download for free for its Android users. When it comes to features, there is not much difference between the desktop and mobile app versions. The only difference is the messaging button for the app is located at the bottom of the ladies’ profile.

The location of the messaging function makes it easy to contact them. Another difference is when a new message is received by the member, it will pop up in the header of the apps. Clicking this message will redirect the user to the chat function. But you have to pay credits to continue chatting.

Design and User-Friendliness of the Dating Platform

The AsianDate website follows the same straightforward design of other dating websites from the same company. The homepage shows everything you need to navigate the site and explore its app. Each of the pages also has a simplified layout to use all the services and functions conveniently.

The left sidebar of the homepage and the search page have the function to purchase credits and the search and features tabs that allow easy navigation. The right sidebar, on the other hand, has the online ladies who are available to chat.

When you want to chat with these ladies, you can use the pop-up window. This allows the user to chat and explore the website at the same time.

Another design feature worth mentioning it’s the call-to-action button present in every interaction and activity on the website. The purpose of this design is to encourage members to buy credits and enhance their user experience.

Design and User-Friendliness of the Dating Platform

The Website’s Navigation

Navigating the side both on its desktop and mobile application version is hassle-free. You will not have any problems with navigation. For those who are new to the website, they will be immediately prompted to register. Once you are a registered member, you can navigate the site easily.

The mobile app is a simplified version of the website, and you can easily use its functions and services. When you are familiar with the nuances of the AsianDate website, you can explore the app without trouble.

AsianDate Costs and Prices

Getting to be a member of the AsianDate website is free but to fully enjoy the services requires investing. What makes it different from other online dating websites is it works on a credit system. It means you have to pay for the services you want ala carte.

Most of the services are fee-based, and the website made it so to screen only those who are serious and can-afford users and stop any fraud or scam attempts. These credits allow users to talk to other members of the website through cam share or live chat, see the videos on the ladies’ profile or send virtual gifts.

Here is the pricing scheme for buying credits on the website.

Duration / Credits
20 Credits 0.80 USD/ Credit 15.99 USD
160 Credits 0.60 USD/ Credit 96.00 USD
1,000 Credits 0.40 USD/ Credit 399.00 USD

Suffice it to say, it’s better to buy in bulk (1,000s) if you are serious about finding your match on the AsianDate website. This way, you can save money as the cost per credit is lower. If you compare the cost of the services through the credit system, the cost of premium services here is above average.

Free vs. Paid Membership

Here is a quick comparison of what features can be accessed for free and those that need credits. The website did not have a clear table for how much each feature costs, and you will only know once you have signed up and clicked on the service.

Free Services:

  • Read the letters sent by the women members;
  • View profiles and photos of the female members;
  • Searching members;
  • Creating profile;
  • Registration.

Credit-based Services:

  • Replying to letters;
  • Cam sharing;
  • Live chat with the female members;
  • Viewing the videos on the women’s profiles;
  • Sending virtual gifts;
  • Deliveries of flowers and gifts;
  • Three-way call with an interpreter.

Free vs. Paid Membership

Payment Process

Payments using your credit card may charge a foreign transaction fee for using it at AsianDate, depending on your agreement with your credit card. This charge is not included in the price mentioned for buying credits. It is usually 2% to 3% of your total amount of purchase.

PayPal transactions have different payment policies, but they also charge a service fee for purchasing in foreign currencies.

Payment Methods

Members can buy credits at the AsianDate by paying thru credit card or PayPal. It accepts most credit cards like Visa, American Express, Mastercard or Discovery. You can replenish the credits as soon as they’re empty with these banks’ credit and debit cards. To prevent fraud and for the user’s safety, the AsianDate does not allow anonymous payments.

Safety & Security

When it comes to safety, the website is not clear on how they vet the members. However, all the members of the site undergo confirmation by the staff to verify that they are real. The website is proactive in screening and identifying the ladies to avoid people and agencies with malicious intent to use the system. It uses a leading security system to prevent hackers from getting personal information from the members.

All the financial transactions at the website are protected by the multi-layer security system. The security system is verified by GoDaddy, so all the transactions are safe. In summary, AsianDate is protected against internet scams and fraudulent activities.

Scams Reported About AsianDate

The most controversial report about a scam at the website in 2015, about the stolen photos of women that were used as profiles on the site without asking for their consent. It was a valid complaint considering the dubious, studio-quality photos of most women on the site. The website took care of that, and no news was heard since.

Another complaint about the site from actual users is the letters from the ladies. Some are claiming that those letters are most likely operated by bots, the letters have no substance, and it takes a lot of credits to read them.

Most of these letters they said are the same and are coming from different ladies. To quote their words: “AsianDate is a bottomless pit, where you throw your money, emotions, dreams, and hopes.” Many frustrated members did not find love at the website.

Scams Reported About AsianDate

Special Features of the Dating Platform

AsianDate has many special features, albeit expensive on the website that keep the members glued on the website. Since there is no premium membership, the members have to use paid credits to access them. Here are some of these special features:

  • 3-Way Call with an Interpreter – this feature allows for the male members to have an actual call with the ladies. Since English is not their first language, you will need an interpreter. AsianDate will provide an interpreter for your call, but you have to book a reservation to use the feature.
  • Delivery of Actual Gifts – You can send a gift to the lady of your choice through the AsianDate website. It takes 3 to 5 days for the actual gifts to get delivered, and you will receive a photo of the women with the gift as proof.
  • Sending Virtual Gifts – AsianDate allows paying members to send virtual gifts to a lady of his choice, and the virtual gifts cost 15 credits.


Based on our review, you have seen how this dating platform works and how it can help you find a potential match provided that you be careful. It is no doubt that you can find a woman with Asian background here whom you can communicate either through live chat or with a scheduled phone call. The website has thousands of profiles of well-dressed women, but it seems that there is no candidness on their photos, like they’re fake.

However, what’s good about the website is you can use their services with prepaid credits. You are not tied up to a subscription and have a choice on which service you want to use. We don’t want to decide for you; if you want to simply communicate with an Asian woman, you can give this website a try.

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